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1830 UK farthing value, George IV
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Images wanted - Australian coins and notes
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Images wanted - All Coin Values
Images wanted - All Coin Values
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As we continue to grow, we require further images of coins and banknotes,

for different world currencies, periods, and denomintations, etc..

If you have images that you are happy to share, please read down.

Links and acknowledgements provided to thank those whose images we use.

All Coin Values resource website

Images required

As we prepare to add new countries to our website, we require images of coins and notes from various countries.  (<-- country lists to left)

They need to be of reasonable grade, with few detractors.  

Both obverse and reverse images are required, oriented neatly, well lit, and from directly above, with a background that will help the coin or note

 stand out.

We prefer white, blue, or black backgrounds, where possible.

If you have images and would like to contribute, we am happy to place an acknowledegement.

If you have an eBay store, we will also place a rolling banner exclusive to your items on the page where your images are being used.

If you own a store you don't need to send images, just authorise use of your images and we will retrieve what we require from your listings.

See example here

If you have an independant website or store, we are happy to place a 'images courtesy of ...', or similar button link / image link in place of the ebay banner.

NB: The images must be your own to give (not pinched off the net ...)

Please note:    If we decide we no longer require a particular image, the links and banners will be removed from the particular page it relates to.

If you would like to contribute images, your assistance would be appreciated.

Send images or store link to:

Please note: We do not offer an appraisal service.

We offer this free to use,  'self-help' site for your convenience.

We will not respond to requests to evaluation assistance, etc.

We require images for the following:

(click country for list)


New Zealand

United Kingdom

United States

images wanted

Images required

Images required

ACV Home

Value and specification information is sourced from various locations, including coin and banknote literature, information provided by coin and banknote dealers, resource websites, and of course, asking price for online sales by reputable coin and banknote dealers.     (excluding auction, or amatuer / semi-professional dealers).

All values are based on what you might expect to pay to buy a coin or banknote from a reputable dealer, expressed in U.S. dollars, (unless otherwise stated), and are based on the grading system identified on the particular resource page.     Many factors affect value aside from grade.     For the purposes of our estimated values, we assume that the coin or banknote has no other detractors, and is a solid example in natural condition of the grade expressed.

Please note:      All values are estimates only, based on third-party information. do not guarantee prices to be accurate, nor take any responsibility for how you use the information provided on our web site.   Information is intended as a self-help guide to assist in determining relative value, whether you are considering buying, selling, insuring, or investing in coins or banknotes.

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